Friday, September 4, 2009

Amazing Research I had to Share

I am once again overwhelmed by the power of physical activity. Working in the industry you often are front row to the amazing stories and effects of being active. Most of us are well versed in the general health benefits, but increasingly new research is providing evidence of the incredible range of positive benefits.

I have known that physical activity has a great effect on cognitive functioning - reading, writing, etc. But I have never before seen such a clear-cut example of this aspect in action until I saw a documentary on CBC a few nights ago.

This is the link to interACTIVE. Its the latest story on "This Just In...". Amazing stuff I had to share!

FYI: Its been a crazy month! I have so much to share (personal training, VIP visits, sport...) and will post soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Latest Project Comes Back Great

Just a quick post this morning - I have been working lots with Media and PR, and I wanted to share a finished project. I coordinated this shoot with the NBC Today Show shoot. Here's the final product. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

6-Pack Abs with Ryan

Everyone had a chance to take a look at my Pilates experience, which targets among other things, your core. Immediately following that class, Ryan (a trainer you may remember from such webisodes as "The Weigh In, Part 1") invited me to his 6-Pack Abs class. Back-to-back core work - what could be better.

Now, these blogs on drop-in classes and programing often cut out a lot of the information: demo's, safety points, etc. But it also cuts out many of the movement options that the fitness leaders provide: from beginner and intermediate, to advanced. I have learned that I repeatedly choose the hardest movements and put my body through as much physical stress as possible. This class was no different. At the start of the class I felt great, then came the planks... and it all quickly deteriorated.

Aside from choosing to push myself to the limit (notice the plank tremble), Ryan was great and so was this class. 6-Pack Abs is a class (approx. 30-40mins) that runs on the lunch hour. So members get the opportunity to blast their core, and get back to their desk on time. So convenient. I highly recommend this class it was "muy beuno", and I will be back!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Skating Lessons


I have been looking forward to skating lessons for a long time. People who have been taking lessons have been RAVING about them. And I played hockey and long, long, long time ago... and I used to be pretty good (for a 9 yr old). I was looking forward to seeing how my skills had deteriorated over time. See for yourself... I describe them as 'Awkward and Terrible', but regardless had a fabulous time on the Olympic Oval Ice!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

'Lets giv'er the ol'heave ho.' - Pilates with Joan

I had taken three pilates courses before in my CSEE program, and somewhat new what to expect in this drop-in class: mat work, body weight, and lengthening of muscles. What I had forgotten completely about is how much internal body awareness and control it takes to do pilates correctly.

Stacking vertebrae, rolling up and down, and controlling the mid-section during lengthening movements for me, is more taxing mentally then physically. Having proper posture and form along with sequencing your muscle contractions is something that takes more then a few intro sessions to be second nature at. Mad respect to Pilates... mad respect to my instructor, Joan.

Joan was so funny... taught everyone (including 3 beginners) so well with humour and definitely created a relaxed atmosphere. Loved the moves (and will steal many of them to update my ab routine) and completely fell in love with some of the more… interesting moves like the seal.

You know, I've read a few times that the first strength gains in physical activity is not due to muscle adaptation, but because of the brain learning how to fire what synapses and in what order to efficiently move. Pilates was great class to remind me that the mind is what counts, and learning body awareness is something a lot of us take for granted.

Thanks Joan! Definitely looking forward to Gyrokinesis!